vendredi 31 mars 2017

V's Femquotes | an Awesome Ladies Project

This year, for my Awesome Ladies project, I have decided to collect my favourite feminist quotes in a notebook. I call it V's Femquotes. Most of these pages were shared on the Awesome Ladies website and Instagram. Here's a look at my pages for the first three months.

I love how this project is evolving. I shared a long blog post about March's theme, Routine, and included some quotes about that as well.

 The rest is on the Awesome Ladies website here.

jeudi 30 mars 2017

March 30 Days of Lists | 21-30

Another round in the books. I never can grasp how quickly the month goes by, even when I'm writing the numbers in my lists. I look forward to September's challenge! Here are the last of my pages for this round.

mercredi 29 mars 2017

The Mighty Ancestors Zine

Ah to say that this is my favourite zine ever is pretty close to the truth. First, it's for Luz whom I just think is lovely. Second, the Zine Squad enlisted Jaimee who rocks at this sort of thing and third, the subject matter is super close to my heart. This zine came together so well and looks just amazing. My first page is on the right below. I love how Katie played off the blue in the plates for her page on the left.

A couple of years ago, I read this article about 'future archaeology'. It was a concept that I had a lot difficulty getting my head around at the time. All about documenting the environments that are present now to be better understood in the future. It was a really cool idea and the starting point for the pages below. How we are a part of a continuum that isn't necessarily linear. Future, past and present all intertwined. How things are changing really fast and we have little time to document the in between.

''[...] the complexity of our thoughts and beliefs will become more difficult to reconstruct as time goes on, and the finer twists and turns of history will eventually become lost against the vast timescale of human existence.''

 For the left page below, I was inspired by something my father-in-law said before he passed away. That no matter what happened, he felt this flame (he was tapping his heart as he was saying this) and that this flame would carry on. I don't know who added that lovely laughing woman onto the page!

I mean just look at this page below! I didn't make the one on the left, but this zine is just full of these amazing works. I LOVE IT!

Please click on the names to check out everyone's pages: Julia, Katie, Jaimee, Luz.

ps: I'm in love with Julia's skulls :)

mardi 28 mars 2017

My 100 Day project for 2017

The 100 day project is starting up again on April 4th and will run until July 12 inclusively. I have participated the last two years and I really loved it. This year I am creating every day in my daily diary. But I am documenting my day for that project, so it is rooted in my day's activities. I find myself needing some long-winded creative endeavour. I like having a long term project to work on. So I've decided to participate again this year.

I will be revisiting the themes from my 52 Pick-up project from last year and my Unfinished Spirits project from 2015. I'm going to use vintage photographs and I'll be pairing them with words from Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. In this book, Masters gives the dead from a small village their voices back. As you read what the inhabitants have to say, you uncover secrets, betrayals, love and all manner of human tragedy/triumphs. Kind of like Twin Peaks, but in a cemetery.

I couldn't help but be pulled into this story about what life is, the connections we make, the good the bad and the ugly. Death is the final equalizer, the ultimate forgiver, the most frustrating finality. To hear the stories that the dead have to tell us is a constant theme in my life and my work (art and career).

As an archaeologist, I'm always trying to hear what the remains I dig have to tell me (I miss this aspect of my work like I would miss a cut off limb, I can't tell you how much my career was/is a big part of my person, I still struggle daily with coming to terms with this). In my art, I also try to tap in to the deeper current of the life /death cycle. So I am revisiting the idea of using vintage photographs that I will alter and voices from beyond. I will be using a spiral bound journal with kraft pages from Typo.

This is also part of a long winded process bringing me to create my own tarot or oracle deck, searching for meaning and truth within other people's work before going deep into my own.

My project will be #100daysoflisteningtothedead

See my past 100 day projects: Unfinished Spirits (2015) and 100 Explorations (2016).

For more on the 100 Day Project read here.

samedi 25 mars 2017

Tiny Things Zine

Our most recent zine victim is Anika! The Zine Squad enlisted the help of Sarah who always makes such surprising and lovely artwork. The theme was Tiny Things, little joys and elements that impact us. We kept it fairly open ended. I was inspired by Julia's felt tips on the left and added the flowers on the right side.

I had a blast with my washi tapes and some found origami ephemera.

Zines are always a great stash buster for me. I love having a spot for paper scraps such as the ones on the left. they look great next to Katie's doodles!

I loved that vintage jar image. It's always fun to have some interaction in the zine so I thought I'd leave the jar empty for Anika to fill in.

Please take a look at everyone's pages here: Julia, Katie, Sarah and Anika! Thanks for coming by.

vendredi 24 mars 2017

Get Messy Season of Art 101 Flip Through

Hello all. What a great Season we had! I am really into the little journal that has come from it. I learned a lot and hope you did too. Here's a flip through of my journal:

mercredi 22 mars 2017

Easy Mini Travel Albums

These two mini albums came together really fast. First, during my travels I took  number of photos with Hipstamatic so that they would be square and have the same type of border on them. Then I had them printed at Origrami. This time, I chose the blank backside option. Third, I punched holes int he photos and inserted them in these Jamaica Makes albums. 

The first one is for my trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong. Most of this trip is documented in my Project Life album so this mini is a placeholder for all the cool graffiti and murals we saw. 

Here are a few pages from this mini.

The second album covers my vacation in Sydney during the holidays. This trip is filled with my nieces, the sea and flowers! Scroll down for peek.

Thanks for coming by!

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