lundi 30 mai 2016

100 Explorations by V | 21-40

I really am liking my 100 Day Project more and more. There are always those moments when self-doubt come along, but they are part of the process. Here is a look at days 21 to 40. I am selling these originals for 25$ plus shipping. They are numbered (1 to 50), given a title and signed. If you are interested, just drop me an email.








35-36, I forgot to take a picture of this one before I added in the figures!



dimanche 29 mai 2016

V's 52 Pick-Up | 22

The conversation between our two protagonists continues on. From rats' alleys to a game of chess...

'The ivory men make company between us'. It seems there is a distance that had settled between these two people. They need a game to bridge it, to fill in that emptiness. 'Pressing lidless eyes and waiting for a knock upon the door'. Methinks there is an unwelcome visitor returning...soon.

Here are our two heroes, two people with a white elephant between them.

When I saw this image, there seems to be such a gap between that woman and the seated man looking at her. I feel this is so evocative of their relationship. I paired this vintage photograph with a black and white image of warriors - the ivory men so to speak. I love how the valet of the vintage playing card peeks through.

Next week we will learn more about the visitor. See you then.

vendredi 27 mai 2016

Time to Focus

So 'focus' is my One Little Word for this year. We are moving to Beijing on July 10th. I have so much to do until then. Art stuff. Paperwork stuff. Moving across the globe stuff. 

I'm using my Get To Work Book to stay on top of it. I am really focusing on certain elements that I want to carry on with. Namely my art commitments: my 52 Pick-Up, my 100 Explorations, the Color Chaos journals, the Awesome Ladies project and some notebooks I am making for a local store to sell. These commitments I will make in advance and schedule on the blog until the end of July. Mostly because I do not know when we will have access to internet when we arrive in Beijing.

The other page in the photo above holds all of the administrative stuff I have to do. Buy plane tickets. Organise all of the paperwork for Khaleesi to come with us. Register the kids in their new school. Prepare and schedule 2 moves and figure out what stays in storage. This is no joke. I'm already exhausted by that page. Red tape kills me.

Which is why I really need to focus on both sides of my brain and person until we leave. I will do my best to fulfill all my commitments because that is who I am. But if it's a little more quiet here, you'll know why.

Get Messy I will commit to on a weekly basis. That community is so important to me! I am keeping minimal supplies and my art journal with me and will be participating fully in the next Season. In fact, I'm counting on it to keep me sane!

mercredi 25 mai 2016

Color Chaos || The Blue Mama

The Blue Mama, which belongs to Karen, was quite a challenge for me. I think it's the format, working in landscape is always trickier for me. But I was excited to dive in (pun intended!) and came up with the following pages.

This first one is a collaborative effort, I added in some circles.

This one I left purposely unfinished for someone to add to it if they wanted.

This one has a secret message and glows in the dark!

I put in a gelli print experiment (on the right) and some cool texture.

Blue reminds me of water, so I wrote out some names of geographic types of water in French and English.

I love the idea of keeping a journal as much as I love keeping one. Does that make sense?

Some thoughts about blue. I used this turtle that Katie made or found? I paired it with a magazine photo on top of which I put some modelling paste through a stencil.

And finally an ephemera page. 

I hope you enjoyed this blue journey. be sure to check out the other amazing artists in our Color Chaos circle : Sharon, Julia, Katie, Karen, Patricia and Lauren. You can also take a look at the #gmcolorchaos on Instagram to see all of the work we have been doing. These journals are getting so full!!!

Moving sale in my Etsy shop

So we are moving to China and I need to move some of my inventory! Now's your chance to get a journal or notebook at 40% off with code MOVEIT2016. I've got lots of different types of paper goods in my shop. Have fun!

Check it out here!

lundi 23 mai 2016

Making Custom Journals

Recently, I've been asked by friends and family for custom journals through my shop Vanessa's Fancy. I love making these. It is a real treat to pick out papers or supplies that will please the person you are making the journal for.

I work with everyone, I send lots of photos to give them the choice.

I adapt the book to what they need.

I can also add that extra touch. It makes it truly unique and special.

If you'd like me to make you a journal, just send me an email and let's talk :)

samedi 21 mai 2016

V's 52 Pick-Up | 21

The person who was having an existential crisis last week is still having a hard time.

'Rats' alleys'. Dead men. T.S. Eliot wrote his poem in 1922. Just a few short years after the worst conflict the planet had known had ended. War and the trenches that were built during those four terrible years are a recurring theme in The Waste Land.

Here are these dead men. And their bones that rise triumphantly and hold dominion over all.

This is a photo of a trench. You can see the sandbags that held the walls. The soldiers are waiting for their turn to be shaved. You may feel this is a luxury, but remember that gas was used in the First World War and that having facial hair interfere's with the gas mask. So it was necessary.

It is something I have am blessed never to have lived through, but that I think of a lot.

mercredi 18 mai 2016

Recent Awesome Ladies Project layouts

Here is a peek at some recent Awesome Ladies Project layouts. You will find these in the classroom at There is a new prompt each week plus a creative catalyst to help you get started.

And for last week:

We'd love to see you in the classroom!

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