jeudi 24 octobre 2013


After two hours in the softly boiling water, I took my booklet out. The kitchen smelled of tea!

First impression: the paper looks to be a uniform yellow brown color.

The moment of truth...unravelling. So exciting. Love the anticipation that built in me... Did it work? What made an impression and what didn't?

I squealed when I saw this! The hibiscus tea gave such a beautiful tint to the paper!

And when I removed the leaf:

Love all the details.

This leaf didn't leave any color or trace on the paper. But look at how pretty it looks with the sun shining through.

This is the impression from the big leaf on the cover.

I also used an earl grey tea pouch.

Again, these little leaves didn't leave an impression or color. I think it's because they were quite thick and sort of waxy.

But how lovely their shadows look on the paper!

I really dig the can lid impression.

The coin didn't leave an impression either.

So, in conclusion, I am so happy wih how this turned out. I love the organic feel of this booklet and I love the complete surprise of the final look of it. The next time I try this, I will make sure to use thinner leaves (maybe my sister can send me some eucalyptus leaves like India Flint uses). I will also make sure everything is super tight, that is where the impressions are more detailed. I would like to try chai tea and mint tea leaves. Maybe I'll try to sprinkle them and see how that turns out instead of leaving them in the pouch. The possibilities are endless and definitely call out to me.
The day after, the colors on the paper have muted a lot, but that is also part of the pages' stories. I'm going to be adding some stitching and botanical elements to this little booklet and will share it's progress here.

mercredi 23 octobre 2013


Two weeks ago, I saw some amazing photographs on Orly Avineri's facebook page. The pictures were from a workshop she took with India Flint. They floored me. I fell instantly in love with those wrapped packages. I needed to know more right away. After much scouring of the internet and some Q and A with Orly (who was kind enough to answer), I decided to give it a try. Actually, I had no choice. I've been litterally dreaming about this for the last couple of nights.
So I became a hunter-gatherer on my walk with my daughter.

I added two tea bags and some metal. I cut the watercolor page in two and then folded up the two parts, accordion style.

I layered all of the different elements in between the pages of the mini booklet. I cut one of the teabags, the other I left whole. I have no idea if this is good or not.

I enjoyed wrapping the leaves around the pages.

...folding-in botanical treasures.

I added the can lid because there was one in the pictures.

And then, I bound everything nice and tight.

I loved this process so much! I felt like a witch or an earth fairy. I felt connected. This project bloomed in me, moved something deep. No matter the result, I am grateful for this.

I love how the thread looks against the green leaf.

So once everything was tightly wrapped, I set some water to boil on the stove. Then I dropped my mini book into the softly simmering water. There it will stay for two hours.

I have absolutely no idea how this will turn out. Maybe everything will be a soft unified brown color. Maybe the leaves are not the right kind to add color to the paper. Maybe it isn't wrapped tightly enough. Or maybe it will be exactly as I envisionned it. That is the best part, not knowing, experimenting. I so wish that I could take a class with India Flint! It is definitely on my bucket list. Thank you Orly for giving me some clues. I am so excited to see how it will all turn out.

dimanche 20 octobre 2013

Pages from my tiny journal

I thought I'd show some pages from my tiny journal. This is the journal i carry around with me in my handbag. I take it out and a page here and there, when I'm on the bus or waiting somewhere. I love it. I put bits and pieces in it : ephemera, stickers, stamps, Instax pictures, washi tape. And I doodle, that is the main thing. There is zero pressure or definite role for this journal, except that I want them to be quick pages and have a whimsical nature. Thanks for looking!

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