dimanche 30 juin 2013

Painting on vintage papers

As I mentionned before, I was lucky enough to be given a place in Jeanne Oliver's online class The Journey of Letting Go (creating beauty from ashes). One of the projects is to paint on old paper ephemera. I was very much looking forward to doing this on a bigger scale that the upcycled wood project I mentionned last week. So I went through my stash and pulled out some interesting papers.

I had fun placing them on the canvas. I took a shot before gluing everything down. That way, I could refer to the picture if ever I couldn't remember the way I wanted to place things.

Probably one of the best ways to spend a Saturday evening.

I wanted to take a few picture of the papers because I knew some of them would be covered. The corset advertisement comes from a Eaton store catalogue that dates from 1901 and was passed down in my family. I use it sparingly!

I really love this script which comes from a paper pack that I bought on Etsy (from LoveDoveTrading).

Once everything was glued down and dried, I sketched my charcoal figures. I based it on a fashion photograph.

You can see the photo on the left. I find that, when I use photos, I often end up making mistakes that I wouldn't have made had I just done a sketch from memory. In this case, her right arm looks wonky and some of the proportions are off.

But, hey, work in progress right?

I really wanted her hair to be in the doily and I'm glad that turned out so great. I was also keen to make a circular, art nouveau style disc behind her head, in that white space occupied by the doily.

I also darkened a 'flower' in her hair. The doily gives it a perfect texture.

The figure in the mirror isn't exactly the same as the one standing in front. I'm ok with that, they are alter-egos in my mind!

After looking at it, I felt that the space around her needed more definition. I started with a pink wash and hated it. So I put in some baby blue and that was also not to my liking. So in the end I went with this soft grey.

Because there were 3 layers of paint, I lost some of the transparency on the papers that I had intended to keep. So I may buy some rubbing alcohol and see if I can lift a little of that paint from the ephemera.

All in all, I'm really happy with the result and looking forward to making more of these pretty ladies.

mercredi 26 juin 2013

Workshops in August

I am honored to be a guest instructor at HK Memory Chest. I will be giving two workshops here in Hong Kong. The first will be a journal making workshop and the second a stamp-carving one. All classes are 450 HKD with material included, plus you get 20% off in the store on the day of the class...win!

August 15th, 7 to 9:30 pm : journal making
August 22nd, 7 to 9:30 pm : stamp-carving


Hope to see you there.

Recent stamp carving

I started hand-carving stamps last year. I love it. It,s always easy to make something very personal for yourself or as a gift. I was inpired by my calendar to make this jumbo numbers set. I use it a lot.
This is probably my favorite handmade stamp ever.
I also made a days of the week set in french for my Porject Life.
Recently, I was inspired to make two stamps based on designs that I,d seen floationg around internet. The first was a full circle with the word 'hello' inside and the second was the circle vine seen on the app 'A Beautiful Mess'. O I set out to make my versions of these designs.

I made my 'hello' in french 'allo'.

I love it!

Here is the vine circle.

Love the handmade look.

With the carving material I had left over, I made this.

Ok, I will make something!

This weekend, I also had an idea for a stamp to put on the Moleskine journals that I sell in my Etsy shop (www.vanessasfancy.etsy.com)

A fun and easy technique to personalise any book or journal.

vendredi 21 juin 2013

Petit concours sympa

Mon magasin de papier scrapbooking a récemment lancé un petit concours bien sympatique : réutiliser de vielles pièces de bois. Le fils de la propriétaire fait du kung fu et brise des morceaux de bois pour son entraînement. Résultat : ils sont aux prises avec plein de fragments de bois disparates. Au lieu de les jeter, ils encouragent les clients à venir en choisir deux et à soumettre des projets. Le gagnant aura droit à un rabais dans le magasin.

J'adore l'idée car ça me pousse hors de ma zone de confort et surtout parce que c'est du recyclage. Voici mes deux contributions. La première est une maisonnette dessinée au crayon noir. Je voulais qu'elle soit enfantine et invitante. J'ai ajouté un peu de corde pour qu'on puisse l'accrocher dans une chambre d'enfant.

Pour la deuxième pièce de bois, j'avais une autre idée en tête. Je l'ai d'abord recouverte de papiers vintage différents (papier peint, photos, feuilles de musique, livres anciens).


Puis, j'ai dessiné une femme au fusain. J'avais envie qu'elle porte une grande robe et je voulais que l'on voit bien la photo de l'homme dans la jupe. Peut-être qu'elle essaie de l'oublier, lui rendre hommage? Le fait que les notes musicales se trouvent à côté de sa bouche est un heureux hasard....


J'aime beaucoup et je crois que je vais faire une peinture en suivant un processus similaire. Et je ne dirais pas non à gagner le concours :)

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